The Justice Dialer in Review

Here at Justice Democrats, we have always believed that when voters are presented with a geniune progressive alternative to traditional corporate candidates, and inspired activists around the country mobilize to talk to friends, neighbors, and strangers alike about that candidate and their vision for the country, we will win elections.

This drove our strategy and our desire to focus on field operations. Although we expected (and did) raise less money than our opponents, we knew if our candidates were inspiring, activists would volunteer to support them, and those activists could have personal conversations with enough voters to win.

To that end, the Justice Democrats organizing team decided to invest resources to build a new dialer that would make calls faster, call cell phones (not just landlines), and be cheaper than existing dialers out there, and we succeeded. Calls made through the system accounted for a substantial portion of the voters that many of our campaigns were able to connect with and bring out to the polls. Campaigns used the dialer to have first conversations with voters, recruit volunteers to come to canvassing events, follow up with voters who had previously mentioned they were more comfortable in another language like Spanish, and crucially, remind all of them to come to the polls on the often unknown Democratic primary days.

As the Democratic primaries were winding down, we realized that the technology we had built could be a crucial asset in the overall midterm general elections, and so we turned over management and development of the technology to Relay, a company created out of peer-to-peer texting in Bernie's 2016 presidential campaign. Thus, the Relay Dialer was born, and was used by many of the most inspiring and important races and ballot initiatives in the 2018 general election across the country.

This was all possible due to the generosity of our supporters and donors. We were able to devote resources to technology development and management only because you all believed in the power of grassroots campaigning and our vision for the Democratic Party and our country.

If you believe in our work and would like to enable us to continue to innovate to out-organize the competition, please consider donating here. If you have a friend, mentor, community leader, or really anyone that you think should run for congress in 2020, please nominate them here!

Thanks again!