And the corporate wing of the party is responsible.

Instead of representing the needs of everyday working men and women, the Democratic Party has been asleep at the wheel. Republicans have taken over most state legislatures, governorships, Congress, and now the presidency.

The solution is having a bold vision that fights for economic, social, and racial justice for all Americans, not the interests of big money donors.

It’s time to rebuild the Democratic Party to be a party that fights for a bold vision that fights for people, not corporations.
No Corporate PACs Pledge
All Justice Democrats pledge to reject corporate PAC money. We are accountable to people, not corporations.
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36 Justice Dems Are Running Across America
Each candidate elected is one more vote for The People.

Representing voters, not donors — For too long the voices of everyday Americans have been undervalued and gone unnoticed in Washington, D.C.. The people who are traditionally elected to represent, fall short of our expectations and get caught in a vicious cycle of pay-for-play politics. Justice Democrat candidates are committed stewards of their communities and have a deep desire to make positive, progressive change.

All Candidates
Justice Democrats candidates pledge to not take corporate money and to work together once elected to enact the Justice Democrats platform.
Social and Economic Justice.
Because one can not be achieved without the other — it’s the same fight for rights.

The question is not "if," but "how," and "when." Every Justice Democrat is fighting for:

  • Access to Jobs and a Living Wage
  • Affordable Housing and a Quality Education
  • Medicare for All
All Policies
In a modern, moral, wealthy society like the United States, people should not be too poor to live with dignity. That means having access to healthcare, housing, education, a living wage, a world not destroyed by climate change and aggressive wars of choice.
Policies and Legislation for the People
A bold, progressive vision — policies the majority of Americans want.

**Research shows that the Democratic establishment’s pivot to the “middle” has failed. **It’s time to mobilize the electorate and enact bold, progressive policies that will uplift people and communities across the country.

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Polling data demonstrates that the Democratic Party’s base has moved left, and voters are ready for a progressive agenda. Though the party elites may be “divided” the base is not; they are ready for unabashed progressive politicians. —