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The Democratic Party needs to fight back. But the corporate wing of the party keeps getting in the way.

In the era of Donald Trump and his billionaire cabinet, we will fight for an America that belongs to all its people. We are unafraid of taking on out-of-touch incumbents in primary challenges because we don’t need to just elect more Democrats, we need to elect better Democrats.

It’s time to usher in a new generation of diverse working-class Democrats who have a bold vision to transform our economy and democracy.

We need a Democratic Party that fights for its voters, not its corporate donors. That’s why we helped elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Congress. We need leadership in the Democratic Party that will represent and fight for our communities.
A Party for Voters, Not Donors
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Elect a new generation of diverse, working-class Democrats
We need a caucus of mission-driven members of Congress who vote together and help build the movement.

We recruited and helped Alexandria pull off one of the biggest upsets in American history. But the top of the Democratic Party is still disproportionately wealthier, whiter, and more male than the base.

Now it’s time for more leaders in the Democratic Party who don’t represent corporate donors, but the voters of the Democratic Party: women, people of color, young people, and working-class people of all backgrounds to help build our progressive movement.

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A Platform for America
A bold, progressive vision — policies to transform America.

The Democratic Party needs to fight for something. Progressive policies like Medicare For All, free public college, and marijuana legalization are popular with voters. It’s time to fight for them.

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"Polling data demonstrates the Democratic Party’s base of voters are ready for a more progressive agenda. Though the party elites may be 'divided' the base is not; they are ready for unabashed progressive politicians." —